3 months.

Ivy had her three month “birthday” on Wednesday while we were in Hawaii. It seems like she grew a lot in all that sunshine and fresh air. She smiles and talks a lot now. She can even say “goy goy goy”. She’s so smart. Actually it was hilarious, while we were driving, she had her soother in her mouth and made some noises that sounded just like “goy goy goy”, so I repeated it back to her. Then she said it back to me. So I said it again and she repeated it back again. It was almost the funniest thing ever. She did it about five times and I think my sister even got a bit of it on video tape. It was so darn cute, regardless of whether goy goy is a real word or not. She also had her first little laugh this past week. She thought “goo goo” was the funniest word. Why do I turn into a baby when I talk to Ivy? I don’t know, I just can’t help myself. When I’m hanging out with her all I can say is “goo goo goy goy” and stuff like that. She likes it, I swear. Motherhood makes me weird. Whatever, she’s cute. She knows it too. Look at this picture of her looking at herself in her little mirror. She loves mirrors!
She is still up a few times at night, and still prefers to be held while she sleeps than sleep in any kind of bed, but we’ll work on that soon. I think I’ll enjoy her nighttime snuggles for a bit longer though. Anyway, here she is in all her three-month-old glory:

Remember when she was only two weeks old? Or when she was a month or two old? Time flies!


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