The weekend, the dog run, and the screaming.

Happy Monday. I’m almost relieved the weekend is over.
On Friday after work Neil started building a dog run for Dotty. He worked until suppertime and then got sick and went straight to bed. I had already been having a tough time with a little someone who only wanted to nap for 20 minutes at a time, and was starting to reach the end of my rope. But what was to be done, the man was sick.
Unfortunately Neil had a breakfast meeting on Saturday that took up the whole morning too. By the time he got home at lunch I had basically been single-parenting for 48 hours or something. The end of my rope was getting a lot closer. Neil came home and went straight to work on the dog run, which I appreciated immensely but it left me in charge of the littles by myself again. I tried to nap because I knew I was going to snap really soon, but between the pounding of the posts for the run, the loud radio in the garage, and the wee baby who wouldn’t sleep longer than 20 minutes, the nap didn’t happen.
I went outside to check on things. I noticed the kids had spilled the brand-new bottle of bubble solution I had bought them. I burst into tears and sobbed for several minutes. End of rope: reached.
Deep breath. Put some Hillsongs on the ipod and settled myself down.
Neil finished the dog run and noticed that I was looking a little “fragile” and suggested I get out for the evening. Even though I was tired I took him up on his offer. A walk and a cup of tea with a lovely friend was just what I needed. I stayed out later than usual, but hey, why not. Live a little, right?
I got home just after 11pm. Ivy was up and Neil was feeding her. She wasn’t taking the bottle overly well, so I took her and nursed her, and tucked her into bed with me. We fell asleep. For 15 minutes or so. And then it started. The screaming.
Ivy just cried and screamed and cried for basically the whole night. She slept in little 20 minutes snatches here and there, and a couple times slept for a whole hour, but other than that she was FREAKING OUT ALL. NIGHT. LONG.
By 8:30 or so she was still a basketcase and I was convinced she must be dying. Something terrible must be wrong with her. Bowel obstruction? At the very least, a severe double ear infection. She was screaming and crying like a crazy baby and that is just not like her.
Luckily the walk-in clinic is open on Sundays, so I took her there. We arrived just as it was opening and were fourth in line. Wouldn’t you know Ivy had passed out on the way to the clinic and was still dead asleep when it was her turn to be seen.
And wouldn’t you know, there was nothing wrong with her. “Colic?” the doctor suggested. Not likely but thanks for trying.
We headed home. Ivy had gone peacefully back to sleep and slept till about two in the afternoon and then woke up as her cheerful little self.
Neil and I had cancelled our Sunday plans of brunch with friends and we took turns napping for the day. We wandered around the house looking a little like zombies. I think Seth and Ben played video games for like three hours straight while Neil and I slept. Hopefully their brains aren’t too mushy now.
We played with our sweet little daughter and when she went to sleep at 8:30 we followed very shortly after. There was no screaming last night, thank goodness, and I am feeling much more human-like and less crazy-person-ish. For now, anyway.
The weekend had it’s successes and failures. Success: a dog run for Dotty.
Fail: sleep. I know I’ve said it before, probably a hundred times over the last three months, but thank goodness she’s cute.
But it’s over now and we’re on to a fresh new week. Swimming lessons start tomorrow, I think we might head out to the grandma and grandpa’s place one day and take a long nap while they babysit the girl.
For now I’ll keep on sipping the Kona coffee and trying to stay sane in a very crazy place.

7 thoughts on “The weekend, the dog run, and the screaming.

  1. mom says:

    I am so sorry you are having a tough time, come here and sleep sleep sleep… I’ll take care of things! I wish it wasn’t so hard for young moms 🙂

  2. Maureen says:

    Oh Man can I relate! My breakdown was on Friday. I called hubby at work with desperate pleas for rescue. He told me to pick him up from work at 5:00pm. Baby had been fussing all day and escalating as the day progressed. All out screaming by 5pm. Not even the car ride had any effect which usual renders him unconscious. Hubby was 5 whole minutes LATE getting to the car by which time I was frantic. He came out of his office, spied the car and was smiling. The smile disappeared as he approached the car and could hear the chaos. He got in the car, looked at me and I lost it! The baby and I sobbed all the way home. The sobbing continued as I slowly sunk into a hot bath where I stayed until it was cold. Occasionally a spaniel would peek over the edge of the tub making sure that his food source was still alive. I came downstairs in my fuzziest jammies feeling 5% better and baby smiled at me. We would survive.

    • Nikki says:

      Maureen- why don’t you blog??! You’re such a funny writer! Your comment has me laughing out loud.
      Gotta run. Baby just woke up from her 4 minute nap in her own bed. Nap attempt fail. Moving her to the swing so I can at least shower…

  3. Susan Beauchamp says:

    Oh Dear Dear Nikki. My heart goes out to you. I was praying for you . . . your Mom had dropped a bug in my ear – no details – just pray. You will survive. . . and so will your babies. So proud of you.

  4. Karalyn says:

    Oh Nicole! So sorry to hear! Go to your mom’s! That’s why we have and need them! I have had some good naps at mine! And it’s true- good thing God designed them cute and that we love them, because their little smiles in the morning to greet you help you forget (a tiny bit) about the night before!

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