The dog run. Again.

Neil was a little upset that I did not include a picture of his fabulous dog run in my previous post. I know I should have. It just seemed like a lot of work to actually walk outside, take a picture, and upload it. But I did take a picture later, and here it is, the dog run in all it’s glory:
It is awesome. Before when we put Dotty outside we would take her to the backyard and clip her onto a cable that was staked to the ground. It was trickier than it might sound because the cable clip was all busted up. It was not something the kids could do for me. But now! Now the kids can let Dotty out! All they have to do is open the garage door and out she goes. They can let her in too! You have no idea how life changing this is for me. Plus, I think the run looks great. It’s not a huge overbearing dog run like some people in our neighborhood have. Seriously, some of our neighbors have a dog run about the size of a small garage with chain link 8 feet tall for their dog that is the size of a kitten. What is that about? Our dog run is not big, just enough room for Dotty to do her business without wrecking our whole yard. Soon enough we will have a lovely fence around our whole backyard and that is where she will be able to play.
I think she likes the dog run. Sort of.
Thanks for the sweet dog run Neil.


3 thoughts on “The dog run. Again.

  1. mom says:

    that is a sweet dog run neil – great job – and even better since it makes nikki’s life so much easier. would have thought other things might have been life-changing, but if it’s a dog run- well still great!

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