Kona 2012.

The trip of a lifetime. Sisters and sister-in-law. No husbands. No kids. Well, one very small baby, but that’s six kids less than usual when these sisters get together. Hence the epic-ness of the trip.
I’ll admit. I was slightly terrified of traveling with a baby. It’s a lot of flying. And Ivy can be more than a little temperamental. But she flew like a champ. She probably only cried for a total of 20 minutes out of our almost 10 hours of flying time. What a relief! It was a long day of travel and we made our last connecting flight only by the skin of our teeth- seriously, we RAN from our gate straight to the next gate and basically hopped on the plane minutes before take-off. Phew. We were welcomed in Kona by the sweetest Hennan of them all. I can’t tell you how nice it was to see that girl after almost an entire year. She was holding a sign that said Team Wolf (it’s a long, inside story- I’m not going to bother explaining!) and had leis for each of us, including Ivy, that she had personally made. It was so fun to all be together! Ivy met her Aunty Rachel for the first time and they had a little cuddle together. Ivy had a little munch too. Aren’t they both so beautiful?
The week was jam-packed with fun. I’m sure we all haven’t laughed that hard in a long time and it was really just so great. We swam with dolphins! For real dolphins! You know, the kind that live in the ocean- NOT the kind that live in a sad sort of pool and you pay $200 for 30 minutes of standing near a dolphin with a bunch of other people. We actually swam out into the ocean and swam with a whole lot of dolphins. I’m going to guess at least 30, maybe 50? It was amazing. Beyond amazing, really. It was Jaclyn’s number one request for the trip to swim with dolphins. Her dream. She had Dolphin-trainer Barbie when she was little, you know. Dreams come true after all, because she swam with dolphins on three different occasions. Seriously people, you really must go swim with some wild dolphins. It’s just the neatest thing ever.
We went on a coffee tour. Ivy slept through it. We explored, the girls tried using a fruit picker, we laughed, Rachel climbed in a dilapidated old dump truck.
We played at the beach a lot. We had a sunset picnic. We hiked down to hidden away little bays and swam naked with sea turtles. Well, sort of. Some of us were naked. And there were sea turtles around. There was swimming with the sea turtles, but by that point bathing suits were back on.
I had a really nice week with Ivy. It was nice to spend some time together without the interruptions of real life. It was a special bonding time, as corny as that sounds. I’m glad I got to spend the week with her. She seemed to really enjoy all the fresh sea air and had lots of naps in all sorts of places.
We really just had the best time ever. We ate good food at all sorts of different places and we did all kinds of fun things. It was a wonderful week of sister bonding and sister good times. If only we had the money/time/fewer children to do this on a regular basis! I am just so blessed by these ladies!
Aloha, Kona. I hope we meet again soon.


5 thoughts on “Kona 2012.

  1. anitarex says:

    Wow what a trip! I loved reading about it and seeing the photos! :> Sounds like such an amazing opportunity and I am so glad you got to go!

  2. Dad says:

    Those are great pictures my girl- and a great story to go with them. I’m so glad you guys got to have such a special time together.

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