Oliver :: Two.

It’s Oliver’s birthday today. I asked him yesterday how old he was going to be and he told me, “Sixteen!” Thank goodness he’s only two. I know that Oliver is technically not my baby anymore, but I think he always will be. I always tell him I have two babies, him and Ivy. If you ask Oliver who the babies are he points at himself, “one baby!” and Ivy, “two baby!”. He’s just too sweet and too cute to not be my baby forever.
This baby sure has changed a lot in the last two years. He spent his first three months of life being such a little fusser but then magically turned into the happiest little guy and has stayed that way ever since. He is almost always happy and content. Oliver loves playing with his brothers and with other kids, but he can also play all by himself for hours. He’s got great manners, and almost always remembers to say please and thank-you (although lately he usually just says “thanks!”). If we’ve started eating supper without praying first, Oliver always pipes up. “Jesus!” he reminds us, while he sits with his hands folded.
Oliver loves anything related to construction and can name a lot of different construction equipment. He can spend ages playing in a pile of gravel with his digger and dump truck.
Oliver loves all things Sesame Street, but especially Elmo. He loves Elmo’s World and is often heard singing and belting out, “La la LAAAAA!! Melmo’s WOOOOOOOORLD!” Oliver knows the names of basically everybody on Sesame Street- Zoe, Abby, Grover, Big Bird, BertErnie (he always says their names like one long name), and of course, Melmo. Oliver’s got two little Elmo’s in his crib. He calls them Melmo and New One Melmo.
He has also referred to his grandparents as “Grandma” and “New One Grandma”. That’s funny.
“That’s funny” is something we hear from Oliver a lot. So many things are funny to him. Oliver is a really good talker and says almost anything he wants to. Some funny things we’ve heard from him lately:
“Check out!” (He says this when he wants to go see something. Like the digger working on the street. “Digger! Check out!”)
One of my very favorites: “Mom!!! COME ON!! Ahhhh Neeeeeeeeed you!”
Also, heard many times every day, “Dat’s cool.” Everything is cool to Oliver. I managed to get him to poop on the potty last week. After all our whooping and hollering and congratulating Oliver, he just calmly said, “Dat’s cool.”
I love all of Oliver’s words and phrases. There’s really nothing cuter than new talkers.
We call Oliver our friendly child. Whereas Seth and Ben often hide when new company comes over, or avoid eye contact, and may not speak at all and if they do, only in one-word responses, Oliver will dance around and sing and play and generally show off for whoever comes over. He’s pretty fun. Sometimes maybe a little too fun. We occasionally call Oliver, “Danger Boy”.  The kid has no fear, it seems, and is often climbing up to the arms of the couch and leaping off onto the cushions. He’s only fallen to the hardwoods a couple times so far.
We sure do love our Oliver.

6 thoughts on “Oliver :: Two.

  1. mom says:

    we sure do love your oliver too! Happy birthday oliver and my you always have the sweet spirit you have now! love grandma (or new one grandma – not sure!)

  2. Susan Beauchamp says:

    What a precious summary of your 3rd son. My 3rd son will always be my special baby too. (Don’t tell the others!!) Way to love your boys.

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