Snacks outside.

If you know my kids, you know that they love snacks. I must hear “I’m hungry” or “I need a snack” or occasionally just a grunted “Food!!” at least a hundred times a day. They come by their love of snacks honestly, at least. Neil and I are snackers too.

Anyway, what’s better than a snack? An outside snack.

These pictures are from a month or so ago when it was just starting to warm up a bit outside. The kids were playing outside but they wanted to come inside for a snack. I wanted to keep them outside so I asked them if they would like a snack outside. They thought that was basically the best idea ever.

I got their snack ready and when I opened the front door to bring them their snack, this is what was waiting for me:

The big boys had gone into the garage and gotten everyone’s little lawn chairs out and set them up right in front of the steps. It was just so funny to open the door and see them sitting there patiently waiting for their snacks. Oliver thought it was so fun.

It’s like carrot sticks taste 10 times better when you’re eating them outside.

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