4 months.

The baby is four months old now. The last month has been so much more pleasant than the first few. Ivy’s been more settled and content on her own and is happy to just take in her surroundings. She will smile for anyone anytime. She is likely the smiliest baby in the world.
A lot’s happened in the last month. She’s reaching and grabbing for toys now. She’s also found some fingers to suck on. Her favorites are the first two on her right hand.
In the last week or so Ivy has even been sleeping in her own bed! By her own bed, I mean a playpen in our room. She’s still waiting for Oliver to get out of the crib. When she’s sleeping longer stretches at night she’ll move into his room with him. Right now she puts herself to sleep at around 7:30 or so every evening with barely a fuss. She looks pretty cozy sleeping sucking away on her fingers.
Ivy rolled over this week too! It was kind of funny. I was talking to my mom, saying I was wondering when Ivy was ever going to roll. I was sure the boys had rolled by this age and Ivy hadn’t even made any kind of attempt to roll. I hung up the phone and Ivy promptly rolled from her tummy to her back, just like that. Then she did it twice more. She’s not one to be outdone by her brothers apparently.
She’s really been loving being on her tummy lately, too, and is already pulling herself up on her knees and has even done some reaching and trying to pull herself forward. Whoah baby, settle down. Meh, never mind, she may as well get in on all the action in this house.
Ivy had her check-up and vaccinations today. She was a meagre 12 pounds, just squeaking in at the 25th percentile. A couple pounds smaller than her big bros were at this age. We really do love our tiny little Ivy though. She’s pretty darn sweet.
I’ve decided officially that we will indeed keep her.


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