Breakfast from scratch: homemade greek yogurt with granola.

We eat so much yogurt in this house, it’s crazy. Sometimes I spend $20 or more just on yogurt on my weekly grocery shopping trip. That’s a lot. Lately I’ve really been lovin me some greek yogurt. Except the greek yogurt costs even more than the regular yogurt. I justify it because it has more protein and less fat but then I end up eating twice as much of it so it’s gone twice as fast and costs twice as much.
Anyway, I decided to try to make my own yogurt.
And it worked! I made about two litres of homemade greek yogurt and it cost me about $6. That’s a savings of about 50-75% depending on what brand of greek yogurt you buy at the store. Next time it will be even cheaper because I’ll use my own yogurt as the starter instead of a little bit of store bought yogurt.
Besides saving a little money, it tastes really good and I feel good about eating it because all that it’s made of is milk (and a little bit of yogurt from the store). No sugar or any of those weird ingredients you can’t pronounce.
To be honest, I didn’t make homemade yogurt to be healthier or just to save money. I just wanted to try it out. I thought it might be kind of fun to make my own yogurt, and it was. I’m not a hippie or anything like that, but I do like making things from scratch if I can. I’m a stay-at-home mom and I’ve got the time to do it, so why not. I’m not sure that I’ll forever be making my own yogurt, but maybe I will from time to time, just for the heck of it.
What do you like to put on your yogurt? Sometimes I like to put a drizzle of honey and a handful of crushed walnuts. I also like it topped with some crunchy granola and fresh fruit. I decided to make my own granola because it’s yummy and also because I have a 50 pound bag of oats in my possession. For reals. My father-in-law works in an oats plant. I have no idea if that’s the proper term for his workplace, but anyway, he supplies me with loads and loads of oats, for free! So great!
So what do you do with 50 pounds of oats? Make granola! Even if you don’t have 50 pounds of oats, you should make some. It’s soooo good!

And when you’re sitting at your kitchen table eating your lovely thick fresh greek yogurt topped with your deliciously crunchy granola, you’ll feel pretty proud of yourself.
If you want to be a hippie for a day and make your own yogurt and granola, here’s how:

Homemade Greek Yogurt (Or just regular yogurt if you like!).

You need:
A crockpot
2 litres of whole milk
1 cup of plain yogurt that contains live cultures.

Making yogurt is easy but takes a long time. I started mine at about 5 in the afternoon and it was ready in the morning. Perfect.

1) Pour your milk in the crockpot. Cover.
2) Turn your crockpot on low for 2 1/2 hours.
3) Turn your crockpot off. Don’t open the lid. Leave it for about 3 hours.
4) After 3 hours, stir in one cup of your plain, store bought yogurt. If you made yogurt before, just save one cup from your previous batch and use that.
5) Wrap your covered crockpot in a nice big towel for about 12 hours. Go to bed.
6) Open your crockpot. Yogurt!

At this point your yogurt is done if you want just regular yogurt. It will be a little runnier than regular store bought yogurt, and it won’t be as sweet, because you didn’t add any sweeteners. You can add fruit or jam or honey or whatever you want if you like.

If you want to make your yogurt into greek yogurt:
7) Line a strainer with a cheesecloth or coffee filters (I just used coffee filters) and sit it over top of a large bowl.
8) Pour a bunch of your yogurt into the strainer. Put it in the fridge and wait a few hours.
9) Greek yogurt!!

The stuff that strains from the yogurt is the whey. You know, like Little Miss Muffett eating her curds and whey. You can keep it or toss it. Apparently you can use whey as a substitute in baking, like instead of buttermilk and that sort of thing. I haven’t tried it. Google it if you want.


2 cups oats
1/2 cup wheat germ
3/4 cup flaked coconut
1/8 cup sunflower seeds, if you feel like it
1/2 cup chopped nuts, if you want
1/4 tsp salt
1 tbsp milk
1/2 cup oil
1/3 cup honey (melted or use the liquid kind of honey)

1) Combine all the dry ingredients.
2) Mix together the milk, oil, and honey, and then add to your dry ingredients, stirring till combined.
3) Spread on a baking sheet so it’s about 1/4 ” thick.
4) Bake at 300 degrees 20 – 30 minutes until browned. Stir 2-3 times during baking.

I doubled this recipe when I made it a week ago and we’re almost out already. So what I’m saying is, double it!
This is my mom’s granola recipe, and yes it has oil and honey- I’m not a health food nut or anything. You can try to substitute something healthier if you want. Or just make it like this and see how yummers it is.

Now you know how to make yourself a delicious breakfast from scratch. One that isn’t toast. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Breakfast from scratch: homemade greek yogurt with granola.

    • Nikki says:

      Yes, Lori, it should say right on the container that it contains live cultures, or probiotics, or something like that.
      Let me know how it works out for you!

    • Butterfly Mama says:

      1st I love your blog found you months ago on designmom for your birth story……you are such a wonderful woman, wife, mom, human – love how you did this blog for your gorgeous family – I tried this recipe and it worked amazing, for me, I had to leave it for more like 24hrs wrapped but the yogurt is creamier and better then what I buy @ the fancy stores! Can I post a link to my facebook for the recipe to show my friends? Or would you rather me not?
      Thank you for sharing this and so many precious events in your life!

      • Nikki says:

        thank you for your kind comments and i`m so glad the yogurt worked out for you!! please do share on fb- i don`t mind at all!

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