The artist in residence.

Ben’s been including more and more details in his drawings. Like Seth, he draws a lot of strange little creatures and dragons and “bad guys”. This is one of his recent drawings:
Here’s a close-up of some of the bad guys he drew:

After he draws all these little guys he always asks which one you’re cheering for or which one you think is going to win, and then he has an imaginary race with them and you almost always win. If your guy is losing, he’ll tell you so you can switch guys. This is a game that is played at least a thousand times a day in our house.
Another drawing Ben did that really impressed me was this one of a zoom boom:

If you don’t know what a zoom boom is, it’s kind of like a forklift that can reach really high. Oliver got a toy zoom boom from Seth and Ben for his birthday and that’s what Ben was drawing. Here’s the toy zoom boom:

Not bad, right? And Ben wasn’t looking at the zoom boom or anything while he was drawing it. He just did it from memory. Can you say genius?
I’m pretty happy with my kids’ mean drawing skills. Even Oliver is in on the drawing action, often for hours of each day. They all enjoy it, and it’s a lovely, quiet activity, so you know I encourage it!
Today the kids were looking at their new magazine and they saw this ad for toothbrushes you can decorate with stickers. They really want these toothbrushes. Seth has asked for one for his birthday and Ben said that he would buy it for him. They were talking about them a lot, and really studying this ad. Then they came and brought it to me and told me, “Mom, we need a LOT of money to buy these. They cost $114.”

technically it’d be $141 if they had read the number right.
Thank goodness that’s the number of stickers you get, not how much toothbrushes cost these days. Seth just might luck out this birthday.

4 thoughts on “The artist in residence.

  1. Christine D says:

    It’s so funny the differences between boys and girls… Megan likes to draw rainbows, butterflies and unicorns. đŸ™‚

    • Nikki says:

      Hi Alison, sorry I have no idea where we got that one or what brand it was or anything- this was four years ago and that toy is long gone from here!

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