I wish.

Sometimes don’t you just wish you were a kid? Napping every afternoon, sleeping 11 or 12 hours at night? Maybe it’s just because I have a baby that’s been getting me up several times a night for the last four and a half months, but sometimes I wish I could sleep as much as a small child.
Plus, they’re just so sweet looking while they sleep, whereas I am not so sweet looking while I sleep. More scary than sweet, probably. Sigh.

No, there are no pictures of a sweetly sleeping Ivy. Not just because Ivy does not sleep as sweetly as I would like, but also because I’m always too terrified I’m going to wake her up if I try to take a picture!


3 thoughts on “I wish.

  1. Karalyn says:

    haha- know the feeling about not wanting to wake them up with a picture! So many moments that would be sweet to get a photo but not worth losing the sleep!

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