Big and Little.

A lot of people say that Ivy looks just like Seth. I don’t usually see it. I think people just think that because they both have brown eyes/dark hair/etc.
But then I took this picture, and I thought maybe people might be a little bit right.
Seriously, how cute.
I sat Ivy on Seth’s lap for a few minutes while I cleaned the kitchen. She sat there contentedly for a long time, watching a movie with her big brothers. Four kids might be crazy, but it’s also darn cute.


4 thoughts on “Big and Little.

  1. Susan Beauchamp says:

    Very adorable. I look at that couch full and see such an incredible blessing and responsibility. So . . . when you call out in frustration – I pray for you. Really. I used to tell Ken – when you mess up at work – someone might get a crooked toilet – I’m dealing with lives all day. what I do with my children has consequences long term. Never be afraid to ask us to pray. So much future sits on your couch. God bless you and strengthen you today Nikki. Loads of Love. Susan

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