Chicken Daze 2012.

It was Oakbank’s annual celebration of all things chicken this past weekend.
We were all over it. First, the parade. Chicken cars. Chickens riding motorcycles. Candy. Tiny horses. All things awesome.
The littles and I sat and watched and waited for the parade to start. The Oakbank mini-soccer teams were in the parade- so that meant Seth, and he was pretty excited about it. Neil walked with him, and I think he was less excited. It was a hot day too. I didn’t get a good picture of them because they had walked the entire length of town by the time they got to us, and by then even Seth was looking a little tired. I asked Neil to take a picture of the kids and I. It’s not a good picture of Seth or Ben, but Ivy and I look cute, and you can sort of see Oliver back there…
After the parade, there was a little soccer “tournament” and then we hit up the fair. It was HOOOOOOT out and the line-up to get tickets was L.O.N.G. so we begged the kids to let us come back the next day for rides. They agreed after we spent a little time in the free petting zoo and getting their faces painted. Oh how Oliver loved that petting zoo. “This cow’s nice, Mom!” Seth and Ben loved it too. All of my children have turned out to be real animal lovers. Face painting is always a big hit. Seth and Ben were batmans, of course, and Oliver was a puppy. As soon as he got that face paint on, he hopped off the bench and got down on the ground like a little puppy. He was living it.
Check out these brown eyes. Insane.I’m a big fan of these sweet blue eyes too. Such handsome little batmans.
Ivy was a happy little spectator, and when she got tired, she just stuck those little fingers in her mouth and nestled in.
True to our word, we did take the kids back for the rides the following day when the temperature was perfectly temperate and the lines were actually non-existent. Our kids were the only ones on some of the rides. Perfection. Oliver thought the rides were awesome. Oh my gosh, he’s cute, right??
Neil convinced the kids to go on the Tilt-a-Whirl. The kids thought it was awesome. Neil looked like he was having fun too. For awhile.
At some point I looked over and noticed that Neil was not smiling anymore.
By the time the ride was over, poor Neil staggered off while the kids bounced down the stairs happily. Neil proceeded to the nearest bench where he stayed until we went home. Then he proceeded to the nearest couch where he stayed for the next couple hours. Apparently Neil’s too old for spinning rides now.
Oh Oakbank Chicken Daze, we love you. See you next year!

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