5 months.

Ivy is five months old today. Kind of the longest five months of my life, it seems like sometimes.
She’s still irritatingly adorable. Kind of hard to be frustrated with her after a sleepless night when she gives you those big smiles. Yes, the nights are still sleepless. Sometimes I think they’re improving. Sometimes I think they’re getting worse. Ivy does sleep almost all night in her crib now, and she shares a room with Oliver, which is working out fine. She occasionally sleeps for 4 or 5 hours in a row, but often is up fussing a mere 2 hours after being put down. She’s a well-established finger sucker now, and as soon as she’s getting tired she pops those fingers in her mouth. She also loves to have a soft blanket by her face. The combo of the blanket and the fingers usually results in a baby quickly asleep. We’ve ditched the soother, which is a relief to me. I may be wishing we’d kept it instead of the fingers one day three years from now I guess. Ivy’s got these two little girls from our block wrapped right around her fingers. One or the other of them is here almost every day, and one day they popped out of Ivy’s room carrying her all wrapped up, fast asleep. They were pretty pleased with themself. (Yes, the one with the drum actually “drummed” Ivy to sleep.) Ivy may be just turned five months old, but she is on the move already. She is up on her hands and knees, rocked back and forth and launching herself around, pulling herself forward, rolling here and there, and getting stuck in crib rails and under chairs already. This is part of the sleep problem, I think. I often find her stuck in the rails or flipped over some way she doesn’t want to be, arms wrapped around the bumper pad instead of her blankie. She’s a busy little baby, and very curious about everything going on around her. (Ruffles on the bum! SO cute!) She’s happy almost all the time, unless she’s tired, and then she goes to bed, so that’s easy. Her brothers always make her smile, and so does Dotty. She really loves Dotty lately. She’s a well-loved little baby, and that’s the way she likes it. She’s drooling like crazy and loves blowing raspberries, which often results in a soaking wet shirt. The age of bibs has begun. She also loves putting EVERYTHING in her mouth. Yep, she’s one of those. Just like her biggest brother. Everyone always asks if she’s teething, but I’m telling you, some babies like to put stuff in their mouths, others don’t. They all get teeth. What a nice little baby I have. a href=”https://neilandnikki.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/img_3549.jpg”>

2 thoughts on “5 months.

  1. Karalyn says:

    Ruffly bums are SO cute!
    I laughed so hard when I read about the girl drumming to Ivy to sleep- it’s probably so true! We try our hardest- put them down in their cribs so quietly, tiptoe out and then someone manages to drum a baby to sleep! haha! oh life can be so funny!
    Our girl only start sleeping through the night at around 8-9 months- so I hear ya!

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