A first.

Funny story.

Seth’s had a wiggly tooth for months. And then in the last week or so it got really loose. I’ve been expecting it to fall out for days now. A couple of nights ago I was telling my sister about Seth’s loose tooth and she told me how my niece, Ciara, doesn’t have any loose teeth, and isn’t that strange- shouldn’t she by now? Most of the kids in her class have lost a couple of teeth already. Then we moved on to a new topic.

I was thinking afterwards that I should have told her to go check Ciara’s mouth for a loose tooth, because I bet she had one. Seth and Ciara always do things exactly together when it comes to teeth. When they were just babies and had no teeth, Alissa told me one day that Ciara was cutting a tooth. I told her Seth still had no teeth. Then we checked Seth’s mouth, and sure enough, a tooth was cutting through. This happened several times over Seth and Ciara’s babyhood. You could almost guarantee that if one of them cut a new tooth, the other one did too, usually the same day or at the most within a couple of days.

So I just figured probably Ciara did have a loose tooth too.

Then I saw Alissa yesterday and she said, hey! Ciara lost a tooth! Alissa didn’t even know she had one loose, and then one sister cat-fight later, Ciara had lost her first tooth.

So this morning I checked Seth’s tooth. Oh it was barely hanging on. I took a little video of his wiggly tooth. Then I said he should try eating an apple. A couple bites later, there was one less tooth in his mouth and a little tooth sticking out of an apple skin.

We were all pretty darn excited.

Obviously. It’s 8:30 in the morning and I’ve already taken pictures and am blogging about it.

I love all these the firsts with my kids. They’re so fun!
Next up: a tooth for Ivy? a big bed for Oliver? Ben finally learns to ride a bike?

Only time will tell…


2 thoughts on “A first.

  1. grammy says:

    very funny….. how are we going to put these two together and take a picture before the new one grows in? Sooooooo funny. Congratulations Seth & Ciara too.

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