On June 29th, 2002, I got married.

I’m happy to report that ten years later, I’m still married. To the same guy.

Yep, he’s a keeper.

As you well know, I don’t have much free time lately. I don’t get a lot of sleep, either, so creativity is sort of at a low lately, too. You might remember that Neil got me a pretty sweet diamond ring for our anniversary- he just gave it to me early when Ivy was born.

So I’m like, what the heck do I get Neil for our anniversary? Ten years, it’s a significant one, right? But we’ve never really done gifts at our anniversary, so I’m inexperienced. Combined with the lack of time/energy/creativity, I ended up getting Neil a big fat nothing.

Neil said he didn’t want a card, either, so I didn’t even have that for him.

Which seems sort of lame when we’re celebrating such a big milestone. We were originally planning to go on a Mediterranean cruise for our tenth anniversary. We’ve probably been planning that for the last three or four years. But then we had a daughter instead, so that vacay’s on hold for now.

So rather than wake up the morning of our anniversary and present Neil with nothing at all, I decided to go back to our humble beginnings, and write a love note.

That wasn’t hard. I mean, I really, really love Neil.

But then a note on its own might seem a bit boring. So thank goodness for google, right? Totally refreshed my note folding memories.

By the time it was folded up, I was really getting into the spirit of high school love note writing.

Seriously fun. Why do we stop writing love notes, anyway? So sad. Maybe some people don’t? I mean, technically we do still write love notes, but these days they’re on post-its or sent by text instead of written on paper and folded fancy. Still counts, I guess. Love is love, whether written with ink on paper or with a tiny keyboard on a phone, right?

But it is fun to write one old-school. It’s fun to be able to write one still, after ten years. After four kids, and a mortgage, and a dog. After all those little mundane things that make our life wonderful. I can still write a mean love note. Because I still love him.

Happy anniversary Neil. Mwah.

3 thoughts on “Ten.

  1. mama! says:

    great job nikki! Proud of both of you – Ten years is a big accomplishment and I never doubted you’d do 10 20 30 40 and keep going! Love the way you guys are together and the growth as a couple and family!

  2. Christine D says:

    Loved it! Such a great idea, and I’m sure Neil loved it too! And the way you folded it looked really cool. I hope you enjoyed your night out tonight. 🙂

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