Seth is 6.

Seth is six today.

What a gift this child is. His liquid brown eyes melt my heart every time.

So do his sweet words. He pays attention to the details, this kid, and always has a sweet word to say. “I like your dress, Mom. It’s like a peacock.”

He continues to spend hours drawing every day. He draws a lot of dragons, and dinosaurs and bad guys and stuff. But then sometimes he draws something for someone else, and he always considers what that person would like. He drew me a picture today full of swirls and hearts and decorations, and he cut the paper in the shape of a heart and then very sweetly wrote “To Mom. ❤ Seth” on the back of it. I’ll keep it forever.

He’s a great brother. Really great. To all his siblings. He plays constantly with Ben and takes time to do fun things with Oliver too. He loves little Ivy, too, and will often just stop and take time to play with her, or ask if he can hold her, or just say “boo” to her, which she always loves.

Seth’s really turning into a big kid. A responsible and polite big kid. I honestly can’t get over his politeness lately. I mean, after YEARS of begging him to say please, and thank you, and speak in polite sentences instead of just grunting “HUNGRY.” All of a sudden I’m met with requests like, “Could I please have a snack Mom?” And lovely responses like, “Thanks Mom”. He’s becoming very good at doing things when asked, and doesn’t often have to be asked twice. He always lets Dotty in and out for me, and feeds her breakfast every day.

His favorite foods are pizza and pasta with pesto. And bread. Always the bread with this kid. He would eat bread and butter for every meal if I let him. Good thing he likes veggies too. He’ll eat several carrots in a day, and is really enjoying salad lately too (although just the lettuce!). He’s really a good eater and eats pretty much everything I put in front of him without complaining.

He’s not without fault, our Seth. He’s a yeller. I’ll admit he gets that from me. When his patience has hit its limit, he’ll yell at whoever is bothering him. Sometimes he’s mean to his brothers. It gets hard being the oldest sometimes, I think.

All in all, he’s a really good kid, and we’re incredibly proud of him. How blessed we all are to have Seth in our lives!

We love you Seth, and happy birthday! How can you possibly be six already?!


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