I just found these pictures from back in May. My mom had some extended family pictures done and I snapped a few too, of course.

These cousins are really so sweet.

Okay, by sweet I really mean crazy. Having seven kids ages 6 and under only ever results in crazy. Sometimes it’s good crazy. Sometimes not as good.

Well they’re cute at least.

Even though my sister and I haven’t had an adult conversation that lasted longer than 9 seconds before being interrupted in over 6 years, I’m really glad we’ve had our kids so close together. How fun for them, even if it’s not quite as fun for us when we’re all together!

And how lucky is my mom? That’s a lot of grandchildren she got in very short order.

Plus, she’s looking pretty good for a grandma, right?

And how lucky am I?

Okay, my favorite part of that picture is how long my eyelashes are. No, not the fact that my child picked me a bunch of flowers, no, not that. Really, look at my eyelashes. Sweet.

And the littlest boy. May he stay two years old forever.

(Except potty trained, maybe?)

Ivy didn’t make any of these pictures because she was grumpy. At least one kid’s bound to be when that many children are together.

Oh well.

It’s not a bad family, really, even if it is a little crazy.


One thought on “Family.

  1. mama! says:

    totally, your mom is the luckiest! you know how much I love having 7 grandkids so close together – wild and crazy and I love you all! xox

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