Sewing :: For Ivy.

The other week Shwin and Shwin put out a pattern than anyone could download (for a short while only!) with a request for pattern testers. Secretly I’ve always wanted to be a pattern tester, and I really love Shwin and Shwin’s patterns, so I volunteered (and was accepted!). The pattern is called the Pleated Penny, and it’s pretty sweet. I haven’t actually sewn anything for Ivy, besides bibs and swaddling blankets, so I figured it was time. I had some fabric in my stash just waiting to become a little tunic for Ivy.

I had a little trouble with the sizing when sewing, but I guess that’s the point of pattern testing. Or maybe it was just me- I decided to make Ivy’s shirt in the 0-3 months size, although she is actually 5 months old. Typically she does wear 0-3 months size clothes most of the time, but sometimes wears up to 6 month size clothing. Next time I will pay more attention to measuring before cutting and sewing. But regardless, with a few adaptations, the shirt came together and it looks great. Even if it will only fit her for about 6 more minutes. Honestly I would have sewn up another one right away but my sewing machine went on the fritz and needs to go in for a tune-up apparently.

The pattern could have also been made into a dress, but Ivy’s only worn a dress once, and since she doesn’t walk yet, and is usually carried, dresses just bunch up around her waist like a shirt anyway. Next summer I’m sure I will sew her an abundance of lovely little summer dresses.

Oh those darling little baby thighs and feet that still clap together. So sweet. I honestly had a hard time getting a picture of Ivy, because she was so very distracted by her very favorite dog. She really loves Dotty.

And then of course she needed to start in on her planking exercises.

Honestly, if this girl would stay still for just one minute…


2 thoughts on “Sewing :: For Ivy.

  1. chelseagiroux says:

    Oh my goodness, I just about peed my pants laughing when I scrolled down and saw Ivy’s planking pose. That is toooooo funny! 🙂 What an active little monkey she is! She’s so adorable!

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