The boy turns six.

We had a party of course. This year’s theme was dragons. Honestly I didn’t do too much with the theme except that there was a dragon on the invites, some little dragons on the cake, and I made dragon wings for the kids (and didn’t take a picture- but believe me, they were nothing fancy!).

The one fun thing we did was have a reptile show come to the party. It was awesome and the kids were sooooo quiet and enthralled.

I swear I’ve never seen my nieces sit so still, so quietly, for that length of time. And all of the kids were great sports about touching and holding everything.

Honestly, it was super fun. And now I kind of want a gecko.

And this is weird, but I even kind of liked the snakes. They seemed so friendly. I know, weird.

Anyways, reptile show = good times. After cake Neil played some games with some of the kids, while the others hunted around the yard for bugs.

It was a really great day, and I think Seth had a lot of fun and felt very loved.

P.S. One of the gifts Seth received was a slip’n’slide. We ALL had a lot of fun with that. I’ll share those hilarious/humiliating pictures another day.


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