So I mentioned before that Seth got a slip’n’slide for his birthday. It was a hot day, and we all tried it out.
It was good times all around.

My sisters and I got in on the action too. Rachel somehow managed to fly down the slip’n’slide always so gracefully, and always ending up looking like she just came off the pages of Sports Illustrated, the swimsuit edition.

Honestly, she makes me want to throw up. Alissa and I tried our hardest to look as naturally good as she does.


Regardless of how un-model-like we looked, we still did a little better than our mother…

Slip’n’slides really are a whole lot of fun.

And how cute are these little babies? I squeezed Lucy into one of the bathing suits I had in the closet for Ivy. It was size 6-12 months (Lucy’s 26 months!). It was a little cheeky, but sooo cute! Can’t wait till Ivy fits it.

I’m sure we’ll be pulling that slip’n’slide out a few more times this summer. Too much fun!


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