6 months.

Ivy had her half-birthday yesterday.

6 months already, I can hardly believe it.

She’s really turning into an amazing baby. She’s crawling already. Like really, up on all fours, crawling. She’s not super efficient or fast yet, and falls fairly often, but she’s doing it. If you’re not up on baby milestones, this is pretty early. Like really early.

With this new-found skill comes new-found trouble. Ivy seems to thrive on trouble. She crawls right to where she could make the biggest mess and pull out the most stuff and potentially hurt herself the most. She also likes to crawl to what seems to be the dirtiest nearby and immediately put whatever that is directly into her mouth.

She ate a lot of sand/dirt on our camping trip.

Strangely when I envisioned this summer I imagined that Ivy would be at that sweet spot where she can sit but not get anywhere. How wrong I was, considering she can’t even sit yet. Well, she props herself up on her own, but she can’t technically sit yet.

Since she is now 6 months old, she got to have her first official meal. Oatmeal for supper. Note: Ivy has snuck in a few eats before this day. She has eaten a good amount of grass, a bowl of applesauce, and some wild blueberries (and the aforementioned sand and dirt). Anyway now we’re on to the real eating, and Ivy seemed more excited about the spoon than the food. I guess she figures since she is old enough to crawl that she may as well feed herself too.

Seriously, as soon as I started directing the spoon towards her mouth she would grab it and put it in her own mouth by herself. She can also drink out of a sippy cup now, if I help her by holding it.

She is clearly an overachiever.

I’m feeling like we should probably baby-proof this house but realizing that that would be almost impossible. Just praying that she doesn’t swallow too many legos. One or two is inevitable.

She’s found her toes now, too, which is just darling, and good for a snack as well.

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, Ivy has been a terror at night. But last night she was only up once in 12 hours, and oh how lovely that was for me! And she is currently well into her second hour of a nap, which is almost unheard of around these parts.

I’m hoping these nice sleeps are just part of being older, not just due to the fact that she’s exhausted from our camping trip.

Dear Ivy, we love all six months of you.

Also, I just realized that Ivy has her fingers in her mouth in almost all of these pictures. We will almost certainly be paying for braces 10 years from now. Oh well, she’s happy now, and that’s all that matters. (Remind me I said this when we’re paying for braces 10 years from now.)


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