Rushing River 2012.

We went on our first camping trip of the year last week.

We drove through buckets of rain but it had stopped by the time we got to the campground. We threw up the tent very quickly and it was raining again by the time it was set up. The kids didn’t care, of course, but we did.

It stopped raining again long enough for us to cook some hot dogs on a fire. The rain started pretty much as soon as the last bite of food was eaten. We headed to the tent and tried for an early bedtime, since there wasn’t really anything else to do. Tenting in the rain with kids is not fun. Not for grown-ups anyway.

That first night it stormed like a son-of-a-gun. I don’t know if it just seemed like a huge storm because we were sheltered by a measly tent, but it seemed to be raining in sheets and the lightning was frequent and the thunder was incredible. Neil and I were up often while rain splashed through the tent onto our faces. The kids, though, actually slept very well until they woke up damp with either rain or pee (both happened in our tent). Neil was less than thrilled to find most of our bedding and belongings quite wet. Again, the kids didn’t seem concerned at all. Thankfully there was a dryer in the campground and we dried everything we needed to. The rain stopped that morning and didn’t come back, besides a brief shower around nap time. Rainy day naps are the best.

It was a cloudy first day but we made the best of it.

By the evening it was starting to clear up and the kids and Neil even managed to have a little swim. There were some tears when it was time to get out of the water. And some screams of “No! I want to sim wit you DADA!!!!”

We all stayed up late together, fell asleep within seconds, and woke up to sunshine. We finally went to the beach- Seth must have asked us 27 times to go since we had gotten there.

Seth swam and swam, out to the island, jumping off millions of times. He even swam out there all by himself after Neil and I were too played out. He had such a great time.

The babies napped on the beach, and we stayed there all day.

Ivy thought napping on the beach was much more fun than napping in a crib.

Despite the raining start, we really had a great time camping. Tenting with four kids is a bit nuts, for sure, but it`s really very fun too!


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