Oliver says.

Oliver is a child of many, many words. His extensive vocabulary amuses us every day.

One of my favorite things he says lately is “brudders”. He calls Seth and Ben by their names (“Sess” and “Ben”) but often he just calls them “brudders” (brothers, in case you didn’t figure it out). You can here him calling them or telling them something, “Suppertime brudders!!” or “Look at that bobcat, brudders!” Sometimes when he just doesn’t know where they are he’ll call “Bruuuuuddders!” It makes me smile every time.

I also love the way Oliver talks to Dotty. She is, of course, much bigger than he is, but if she’s bothering him he does not hesitate to tell her where to go. “GO MAT, Dotty!!” or “‘Top it Dotty!!” Always so funny.

A recent favorite word is “weird”. At the museum at Rushing River there was a stuffed wolf. Oliver looked at the wolf and said, “That wolf has eyes like me has eyes! Huh. Weird.” Since then he’s been adding, “Huh. weird” on the end of many of his sentences.

Another favorite phrase, although somewhat inappropriate for a two year old, is “Whatta heck!??” He throws this sentence around with amazing timing. I was in the kitchen the other day hand expressing breast milk into a bowl of cereal for Ivy (too much information? sorry). Oliver wandered in and said, “You doin’ that? Whatta heck??” I died laughing.

This child never ceases to make every member of our family laugh every single day, and we love him for it.


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