Summer Journal : Busy, busy, busy.

Okay so clearly I haven’t blogged in ages. For two reasons: I’m way too busy with summer FOMO, and our computer was out of commission for awhile (apparently you’re not supposed to spill water on them?).

Due to the fact that I was already behind on blogging weeks ago, and am now WAY behind, I’m just going to throw a whole lot of pictures at you, some with brief descriptions if you’re lucky, and hopefully you’ll get an idea of what we’ve been up to this summer.

Hint: a lot.

Swimming. Lots of swimming.



Ballet in the park.


Dropping Seth off at sleep-away camp!

Sleeping, sometimes.

Someone mastered crawling and is now on to standing. Also, still eating loads of dirt. And sand.

Potty training. With HUGE success, I might add. Seriously, this has been the easiest potty training experience of my life.

And I think that concludes my brief update on life around here. Seriously, it’s been sooo busy but soooo fun. Honestly though, as much as I lurve summer, I’m secretly excited for the routines of fall, for school supply shopping, for a morning a week with just two kids, and for Seth to start the first grade. Not so excited that I will hurry summer along, though, because I know much fun is still to come. Can’t wait to pick Seth up from camp on Saturday- I’m dying to know how it’s going and how much fun he’s having!


7 thoughts on “Summer Journal : Busy, busy, busy.

  1. AnitaRex says:

    LOVE ALL THE PHOTOS! We are having so much summer fun too! I can’t get over how much Oliver’s hair has grown and how different he looks! :> And love Ivy’s dirty face photo! :> It’s been forever since I’ve seen you, I do have that Jennifer Wiener book to lend to you still!

  2. Still Life in San Francisco says:

    I love to see how much your children love each other. You are a great photographer.

    I’ve got good news to share. I started reading your blog when we were trying to conceive and now we’re expecting a baby in January. I just hope that my baby is as precious as all of yours.

    • Nikki says:

      oh my!! CONGRATULATIONS! and of course your baby will be as precious as all of mine- even more so, because he or she will be your very own! there’s really nothing better- nothing!
      i hope you’re feeling well and i hope you have a smooth and happy pregnancy!

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