The boy goes to camp.

Seth went to sleep-away camp last week.

He was super-excited to go, asking how many sleeps for the whole week prior. He looked a little nervous when we dropped him off, but said he was fine and barely glanced at me when I gave him a hug good-bye.

He was gone for five nights, and I’m pretty sure Neil and I had a harder time than he did. It was so weird not to have any contact with him for that long; to not hear how he was doing; wondering if he changed his underwear at all…

We went to pick him up on Saturday. We were so excited to go get him, imagining the wonderful reunion filled with big hugs and happy smiles. We found him among the kids and I went to give him a big hug. He sort of half-hugged me back but kind of looked annoyed at me, like I was embarrassing him in front of the other kids. He was getting ready for the rodeo the camp puts on, so I think he was just focused on that.

The rodeo was full of kids on horses doing funny relay races. Seth’s team won three out of four races, probably due to Seth’s enthusiastic cheering.

He rode that horse like a champ.

Seth’s team won the rodeo, and he was pretty proud.

Once the rodeo was over, Seth gave us the big hugs we’d been missing, and then started chatting our ears off about his week. He really had a great time; finding treasure in the creek, playing camp-wide games, doing archery, swimming, and learning about the Vikings and Indians that had lived at the camp many years ago. Apparently the camp isn’t super politically correct! Seth’s completely convinced he found a genuine piece of Viking boat in the creek in the middle of the prairies. Also, real live Indians apparently found the camp’s missing horses that week, although the campers couldn’t see the Indians, just talked to them through the forest. But they were real!! So hilarious.

As much fun as he had at camp, he apparently made no friends. He said he just hung out with his cousin and the friends she had made. He was not bothered at all by the fact that he made no friends- Seth takes a looooong time to call someone a friend. I know he had lots of fun playing with all the other kids, even if they didn’t get the title of friends. Seth couldn’t even tell me the names of the other campers in his teepee- except one kid named Ben. So funny.

The kids were happy to see each other again, and it was one of our wildest car rides ever, with Seth completely wound up and crazy, and Ben just so happy to see him. Poor Ben had a bit of a rough week without his big brother- he was fine during the day but never wanted to go to bed without his big brother in the upper bunk.

Seth’s first camp experience was a good one, and I know he’s excited to go back next summer. Neil and I are already fantasizing about the summer when we can send all four kids during the same week. Six more years….

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