It’s somebody’s birthday.

I mean, it WAS somebody’s birthday. I meant for this post to go up yesterday, but I must have forgot to press a button or something. Oh well, better late than never…

Sometimes it’s hard to get four kids to co-operate, even if they do love their grammy.

But by golly they’re cute.

So to grandmother’s house we go, to celebrate with waffles and lemon meringue pie. There will be presents and there will be candles, just like she likes. Happy birthday Mom! Love you!!

Also, completely unrelated, I started making hair accessories. It’s so easy, and so fun, and I can see that I could easily develop a problem. A hair-accessory-making-obssession problem. I’ll try to take it slow. But it’s hard.

Sorry Oliver, but thanks for modeling girly things for me. Again.

3 thoughts on “It’s somebody’s birthday.

  1. mama! says:

    by golly these kids are cute! and I loved seeing you guys for a couple of days! Thanks for everything! I love all of you.
    grammy. And thanks to Still Life in San Francisco. May your life be as blessed as mine!

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