Sewing :: A crib sheet.

I never bought Ivy a girly crib sheet. The one we had was brown with white dots, which I liked, and I couldn’t find anything in stores I really liked. But now Oliver is in a toddler bed with the brown sheet, and that left Ivy needing a sheet of her own.

So I made one using Dana’s tutorial. It was really soooo easy; it was started and finished in less than an hour, and I love it!

The fabric is from Lotta Jansdotter’s Echo line, which I am sort of obsessed with. I think it made the perfect crib sheet.

Ivy seems to like it too.

I really had fun with this project. Who knew sewing a crib sheet could be so satisfying?

3 thoughts on “Sewing :: A crib sheet.

  1. mama! says:

    you sew things I would never even try! ever. I am proud of you. Of course, we didn’t have tutorials to learn from – wish we did.

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