7 months.

The baby is 7 months old now.

She’s a busy, busy 7 month old.

This month Ivy finally stopped crawling long enough to learn how to sit independently.

She’s eating pretty good now. Eats at least one million cheerios every day. Among other things.

She’s a happy little girl, our Ivy. She loves being tickled, and thrown up in the air, and bounced on knees.

Her love of dirt has only intensified. She recently found our indoor plant.

She’s moved from the kitchen sink to the bathtub. She is a maniac in there. Crawling all over the place, climbing up her brothers, trying to stand up on everything, falling flat on her back with just her little face peeking out of the water, etc, etc. She loves it.

Sometimes she seems so tiny to me, our little Ivy, but when I look at her in this picture I realize she is quite a lot bigger than she used to be. And quite a lot balder. Where did all that lovely hair go? Even in the last month her hair has thinned out a lot. And it no longer curls when it’s wet. I’m trying not to be too sad about it.

Then (one month old):


Happy 7 months dear baby!

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