Please excuse my absence. The computer’s been getting tuned up. Again. I think it’s time to upgrade.

If you missed me, and you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, it wasn’t too much. Picking lots of red, yellow, and orange tomatoes. Eating lots of red, yellow, and orange tomatoes. Taking care of a fevered and miserable baby. Buying school supplies. That’s about it.

Seth started first grade this week. That’s the real deal, folks. School. Every day. All day. For the next 12 years. Seems like a bit much to me. Honestly I’ve been really looking forward to Seth starting school, but him starting full-time school just seems so permanent! It’s weird to think that he’ll be gone five days a week. That’s a lot of lunch-packing. But not as much as there will be in 5 years, I guess!!

Seth wasn’t very enthusiastic about starting school, but only because he’d rather be home with us. He got on the school bus just fine and came home with a smile.

How did he get to be so big?

P.S. Doesn’t it feel like he just started kindergarten?


One thought on “Full-time.

  1. Maureen says:

    I WAS wondering what you’ve been up to! Just looking at Seth made me wonder where the time has gone! He is looking so grown up! Now how did he get that raspberry on his noggin?

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