Ma belle famille.

We had our annual family pictures done last month. Neil says we take family pictures too often, but I disagree. First of all, we keep getting new family members. Second of all, those family members keep getting cuter. Third, we’ve never once looked at our pictures and thought it was a waste of money. I’m glad we have so many beautiful pictures of our family. When I was a kid, we got family pictures done when they did them for the church directory. That happened twice I think. Once I had a mushroom cut. And the other time I was wearing a dress with a sailor-sort of look going on that my mom sewed for me. And so were all of my sisters. Yes, we were all matching. Not in a good way. And my mom had a perm. ‘Nuff said.

I think our pictures turned out approximately one thousand times better than those old-school church directory photos.

Despite the fact that we went to our shoot twice.

The first time we got all dressed up and showed up one day before we were supposed to. Here’s the pictures from when we showed up on the right day:

My handsome men:

I love this:

(My Ben, he just has the most adorable face.)

Me and my childrens…

Ivy wasn’t overly happy unless she was in my arms. My little doll.

Did I tell you about the fire trucks?

And did I tell you that the fire fighters invited us to sit in the truck? I was so excited!

(The boys were the most excited because the fire fighters had a WATER GUN in the truck. They thought that was the best.)

This family of mine, they’re all so dear to me.

All photos credit to Happy Photo Co. Thanks for your patience Missy!


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