Couch potato baby.

Sometimes trying to get out of the house with four kids just gets a little crazy. It will be smooth sailing for a bit, but then at some point Ivy always gets tired and fussy and demands to be held or insists on crying. I always still have at least 19 things left to do, including loading up the van with bags, snacks, and whatever else, taking at least one kid to the bathroom, putting on a few pairs of shoes, etc. Things that are tricky to do with a babe in arms.

So lately when she starts to fuss, and I know it’s still going to be 15 minutes or so until we leave the house, I buckle her in her car seat and put her in front of the tv.

And wouldn’t you know, you immediately quits fussing, starts sucking on her fingers, and chills out while watching Sesame Street.

I really wish I’d thought of this with previous children.

Not only because it works, but also because it’s so dang cute.

Also, educational. Now she knows the letter B.

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