Injured. And a mouthy two year old.

So sometimes I get a sore back. I don’t know why. Probably something to do with my lack of core strength or something.
Anyway yesterday my back was all of a sudden VERY sore. Like I couldn’t stand straight without mucho pain. I was bent over hobbling around like a hunchback until I realized it hurt too darn much and I needed to pass all household and parenting duties to Neil for the rest of the evening. (Kind of a treat for me, really!)
Then this morning it was still VERY sore. I still can barely stand/walk without a lot of pain and lifting/carrying Ivy is excruciating. It’s really very terrible. Dear Neil came home from work early so I could again pass the torch of household/parenting duties over.
I drove myself to a walk-in clinic where the wait was blessedly short and I was gifted with some strong pain-relieving pills. I’ve checked myself into bed where I’m admittedly enjoying the “me” time despite the pain. (Which is actually melting into more of a distant fuzz thanks to those free pills.)
I’m praying for myself (and have recruited my children to pray as well) that my back is better soon. Obviously bedrest is just not suitable for a mother of four.

In other news, my dear two year old is getting a bit lippy.
Here’s a snippet of a discussion we had today:
Me: “Oliver, it’s time for you to have a sleep.”
Oliver: “Shut your mouth.”

I was so surprised by his response that there was no disciplinary action (plus honestly I thought it was kind of hilarious, and obviously, in typical Oliver fashion, adorable). Next time I won’t be so lenient.

Despite his snappy response, he did have a sleep.

I forgot to tell you what else he said the other day-

We were grocery shopping, just me and the babies. I was in an unfamiliar store, searching for black beans. I was talking to Oliver, saying, “Where are the beans, Oliver? I can’t find them!”
Oliver quickly pointed to the shelf opposite me, saying “There they are, Mom!”
As I turned, thinking to myself what a smart and helpful toddler I have, he quipped, “Tricked you!”

What a little rascal.

2 thoughts on “Injured. And a mouthy two year old.

  1. dawn says:

    so sorry you are feeling crummy, nikki. the beans comment is quite hilarious! “shut your mouth”… not so much. not sure what i would have done! hope you are feeling better really soon.

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