Sometimes I do dumb things. Part 2.

Neil and I have had some banking stuff to work out for a while now. Neil went in to do it, and spent an hour with the bank lady getting all the paperwork together, figuring out what needed to be done, etc. only to find out I needed to sign the paperwork too. And no, Neil couldn’t sign it and then I just come in later and sign it. We had to be together.

Of course there’s never a “good time” to haul three kids to a bank. On top of that, it has to be a good time for Neil to leave work for a bit. So we’ve put it off. Finally today I made a plan to meet Neil in the city and we’d get it done.

So I got everyone dressed and when Ivy woke up from her nap we headed in. 20 minutes later we pulled up to the parking lot. Where I realized I forgot my wallet at home.

So I can’t sign papers without ID apparently. Also, because it’s been so long since we started this banking thing, everything had to be destroyed. We have to start all over. Baaaah.

I have to say that Neil was so gracious to me about this whole situation. He didn’t even scowl at me once. What a great guy.

In other news, baby girl got her first tooth! Mere days away from her nine month birthday (whaaaat??), her first tooth is here.

Congrats, Ivy!


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