Nine months.

Nine months in, nine months out.

What a personality this baby has. Oh she loves to have fun. She loves being tickled, being growled at, playing peekaboo, being chased or even chasing. If it’s fun, she wants in. She’s a shrieker and her happy little shrieks are heard all day.

She started babbling this month. Da da da da da da da….

Speaking of Da da, she really is turning into a daddy’s girl. Oh her little face just lights up when she sees her dad come home from work. I am still number one, for now, but I am finding her reaching for her daddy’s arms more and more often. It’s so sweet, really.

This girl loves her some paper products. Magazines, books, dryer sheets, tags, whatever- she likes crinkling them, ripping them, and especially eating them. Delish.

Sleep is finally starting to be more predictable. Two nice naps every day and usually a nine or ten hour stretch of nighttime sleep before she eats and goes back to sleep for a few more hours. She’s usually in bed around 13 hours a night- I likey.

I’m really enjoying Ivy lately. I’ll admit that this time around I haven’t enjoyed the newborn stage as much as with the boys. Maybe because I’ve had so much other stuff going on, I don’t know. But now things are getting pretty fun around here (although still soooo busy of course!). I love my little Ivy and her happy little self.

Happy nine months my dear!

Update: at Ivy’s nine month check-up she weighed 16-9- a gain of three pounds in three months, which is a big gain for this little baby! Still, she’s pretty small, hanging around the 10-15th percentile like usual. I love my little lightweight!

3 thoughts on “Nine months.

  1. dawn says:

    love the “nine months, in, nine months out”! hard to believe it’s been that long already!! she is such a darling, nikki! i am so happy that she is a part of your lives 🙂

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