Benji is so afraid of dreaming. Every night when we pray, he insists that I pray that he has NO dreams. Not that he has good dreams, not that he has no bad ones, but none, whatsoever. To be fair, he’s been having a rough patch of bad dreaming lately, and has appeared at our bedside many times in the last couple months, worrying over a bad dream he just had. And hey, I get it. This morning I was so relieved when Neil woke me up because I was dreaming I was a zombie and I just hated being a zombie. It was terrible.

Anyway, as much as I’ve tried, I haven’t been able to convince him that he could have good dreams. But then the other morning he told me, “Mom! I had TWO good dreams!”

I was so happy for him!

“I dreamed about a bald cat!”

Oh this is funny to me. We had been watching AFV the night before and there was a clip with one of those weird hairless cats on it. I guess it got into his brain somehow and then he dreamed about it.

“My dream was so good I didn’t want to get out of it!”

What about a bald cat was so good, I’m not sure. I’m just happy that some good dreams were had.

(One of Ben’s countless self-portraits)


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