Seth started diving classes a couple of weeks ago!

He took A LOT of convincing to start his first class. There were a lot of tears and a lot of protesting, but I forced encouraged him to start. I think he was confused because he was expecting to go straight in the pool and had forgotten that the class includes an hour of dry training.

Anyway, once he mustered up the courage, he was in there like a dirty shirt and having lots of fun in no time.

Once they hit the pool there was nothing but smiles on his face. Oh that boy loves the pool. They did a lot of jumping in off the 1 m springboard and even jumped off the 3 m! I couldn’t believe these little kids jumping from way up high like it was nothing. I’m pretty sure I would have needed some convincing to jump off that board!

When he finished his first class, Seth asked me how many more classes he had left. He wasn’t too happy that he only had nine left, and has already asked if he can do diving again after Christmas. I love seeing him having so much fun at an activity he loves. And honestly, I love the pool too. I was sitting there thinking, yes, I could be a pool mom. I think I would like that much more than being a hockey mom. Although of course if any of my children are desperate to play hockey I’m sure we will give it a chance and I will love that too!


2 thoughts on “Diving.

  1. Erika Driedger says:

    I loved diving! Looks the same as it was 12 years ago! Those pictures bring back a lot of memories. Hope he enjoys it!

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