Ben says.

“Where’s the laundry camper?”

“I don’t know what to do. I’m mcfuse-ed.”


Ben, he really is the sweetest kid. He can be painfully shy, but oh his heart is so tender. This kid will give you anything. The other day he got a package of 50 temporary tattoos- pirate ones, from a lady that drives him to his Wee College program. Apparently his only words were “Seth and my dad are going to love these!” Then, when he got home and showed me, I asked him which one he wanted to put on. He refused to pick one until Oliver and Seth had their picks first. He’s so selfless like that all the time. Another example- Neil asked Ben if he could have one of his small bags of chips from his halloween stash. Ben told Neil that he could have all of them, and picked them all out and put them in a pile for Neil. And Ben likes chips!

Ben can be a whiner and can cry easily, which often causes me and Neil a lot of frustration. Sometimes I need to remind myself about Ben’s very generous and loving nature. He’s such a good kid, even if he does make us crazy sometimes. He ALWAYS remembers to put his dirty clothes in the “camper” and always flushes, puts the seat down, turns off the light, etc, when done in the bathroom (which is more than I can say for almost everyone else in this family). He is quick to give a hug and a kiss and never forgets to tell you he loves you. We are all really lucky that Ben is a member of our family!


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