Happy friday.

I’m having a good day. Sure, it’s only 8:30 and much can still go wrong in the day, but so far, so good.

It started off right when Ivy slept until 7:40 this morning, and woke up babbling in her crib with a smile on her face. Since the time change last weekend she’s been waking up an hour or more earlier than her usual and I was getting a little tired of it. Oh that 7:30 felt nice this morning!

Also, the SUN IS SHINING! I don’t know when the sun shined last, but it seriously feels like it was in September. Granted, we apparently have a huge pile of snow coming our way starting this evening, but I’m going to enjoy these beautiful sunbeams in my house while they’re here. I’m going to take advantage of the sunshine and head outside with the boys to clean up the yard before that snow comes. There’s a lot of random little construction toys out there all over the yard.

Another good start to my day- asking Oliver what a racoon was and having him respond “dat’s a beaber wiss goggles on”. That is seriously the funniest thing, don’t you think?

And the best thing so far this morning: Ivy started giving kisses in the last couple days. Now she’s even giving them when we ask her to. Oh gosh it’s so cute. She even gave a couple to some pictures of babies in one of her board books.

Well time’s a wasting and the kitchen is in it’s typical after-breakfast state of disaster, so I better get to it.

Happy friday!


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