Driving in bad conditions.

It stormed this past weekend. We got a big dump of beautiful white snow. Along with it came winds, and icy roads, and highways that were closed. We cancelled plans and decided to hunker down and watch Christmas movies and clean out closets and dishwashers (I totally threw up in my mouth- that was the sickest job ever). But then the highways opened and moms were like, “The highways are open…I made a roast chicken and it’s your sister’s birthday party…” And we were like, “Okay, fine, we’ll pack up the kids and drive to Portage”. And then the sister was like, “The roads are so snowy and my car is buried under a foot of snow and I don’t think I’ll make it out.” And we were like, “Well why are we going to the sister’s birthday party when the sister isn’t going to be there?” and put the kids for naps instead of in the truck. And then the other sister was like, “Aren’t you coming? Alissa is. And we have Pot of Gold.” And we were like, “Sigh.” What would we do? It’s a long drive in good conditions, our babies were napping, and we were knee deep in master closet overhaul. But then we said, “What the heck” and we waited for the babies to sleep a bit more, then woke them up, and put everyone in the truck, and off we went. The roads were Nasty. But we drove slowly and we made it and we ate yummy chicken and mashed potatoes and had coconut cake for dessert. And then we packed everyone back up in the truck and drove slowly back home. You can’t keep us down, winter storm.

(That picture of Seth just kills me. Hilarious.)

3 thoughts on “Driving in bad conditions.

  1. grammy says:

    I, for one, was glad that you didn’t let the storm keep you down! And, glad you made it both ways safe and sound! But, should have sent you home with some coconut cake – it was so good!
    It is now in my freezer where it is safe and sound – see if your sister can get you some when you drop off your puppy!

    • Nikki says:

      oh it’s just a brand of a box of chocolates! of course they were almost all gone by the time we got there, but my favorite kind was left, so it was meant to be i guess!

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