Oliver draws.

As you know, the boys spend infinite hours drawing each and every day. We go through forests worth of paper, millions of markers, and burn through pencils every week. Oliver is right in there with his brothers, and he’s obviously watching and learning.

The other day I noticed he actually drew a real picture- not just scribbles or circles. He drew a person! Can you see it?

This may be the cutest person any child of mine has drawn so far. And possibly at the earliest age- Oliver’s only 2 1/2 you know! This piece of art moves Oliver from the “really smart” category straight into the “genius”. Of course I’m not biased or anything. I’m sure you see the talent shining through this amazing piece. 🙂 Not convinced? Then check out his next drawing, titled “A not-scary monster.”

I’m so proud of my Oliver and his first pictures. Mothers really are so silly, aren’t we- oohing and aahing over these little sketches? It’s one of my favorite things about being a mom, I think- just how ridiculous you become over the littlest things your children do. How wonderful to feel so proud!

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