6 in a room.

We’re on a mini-“vacay” this weekend. 6 of us squeezed into a small hotel room sounds relaxing, right?

We’re in Grand Forks, doing some swimming, some shopping,and some playing with friends. Oliver was very excited to be here yesterday afternoon- “This is sooooo gweat!” The boys jumped all over the beds while Ivy crawled around chewing on everyone’s shoes and Neil hollered at everyone to settle down and be quiet or there would be trouble. Then Ivy needed a nap so I took the boys to the fabric store while Neil put Ivy for a sleep. Ivy wouldn’t have it though, and apparently practically climbed out of her playpen while screaming bloody murder. Neil did have her asleep in his arms by the time the kids and I got back 45 minutes later.

Then we went for supper, where Oliver screamed bloody murder because his quesadilla was slightly warmer than room temperature. That kid has developed an extreme pickiness in relation to his food temperature. Going for supper with 4 kids is not really the best time, but the food was good and once we settled Oliver down and convinced him that his food would not burn him, it was all good.

Then it was bedtime. How to put 4 kids to bed at the same time in a tiny room…Oliver was beyond exhausted as he had only slept for about half an hour on the drive here, instead of his usual 2+ hour nap. He was so beyond exhausted that he actually passed through exhaustion and wasn’t tired anymore. He laid in bed for an hour and a half. After he finally fell asleep he slept pretty well, although he lost his blankie in the night a couple times, so I had to hop out and find it for him.

I bounced, rocked, and paced with Ivy for 30 minutes and she did go to sleep and slept all night, actually, so that wasn’t too bad.

Seth and Ben shared a bed and kicked at each other and generally irritated each other for awhile before giving in to sleep. At one point Ben was kicking at Seth and I went to scold them and noticed that Seth had positioned his legs at a 45 degree angle to his body so that they were laying right across Ben’s portion of the bed. Just enough to really bother Ben, on purpose. That’s sort of the way Seth rolls lately. He’s getting really good at pushing Ben’s buttons. Why do kids do this? Anyway once they fell asleep they slept pretty well, except for when Ben had a bad dream and climbed in bed with us. Nothing unusual about that.

And of course even though 4 out of 4 children went to bed anywhere from an hour to two hours later than usual, everyone was up at their usual times. Ivy was first up, and I couldn’t really complain since she had slept all night, but then she woke everyone else up with her happy shrieks.

Breakfast was chaotic, with Neil making waffles, getting juices, going back and forth to the table approximately 17 times. I was up and down getting yogurts and muffins and napkins. At precisely the moment Neil finally sat down after making everyone a waffle, Oliver took a bit of his waffle and immediately broke into wails at the food temperature. Again. I need to try to remember to put that kids food on ice or something before I serve him to ensure no more public outbursts.

Now the boys are swimming while Ivy has a morning nap and then we will try to take 4 kids out shopping and eating and hopefully having fun.

Holidays aren’t quite what they used to be, but it is still nice to be together doing something different than usual. Tomorrow we’re hitting up some waterslides and that’s going to be great. I hope.


2 thoughts on “6 in a room.

  1. Lorraine says:

    Boy can I relate to the purposeful irritation of siblings. It only gets better as they get older. Luckily you phase out of the irrational outbursts and only have to deal with the purposeful irritation. 🙂

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