10 months.

Ivy is ten months old now.

Geez this girl keeps up busy. She gets into everything, but especially loves to be right into whatever her brothers are working on. She knocks down their towers, pulls apart their legos, and throws everything out of their drawers. Some of her current favorite activities: opening and closing doors/drawers/cupboards, putting things in and out of other things, pressing buttons/turning knobs/etc. She still loves taking a bath (oh she had a great time in the hot tub in Grand Forks!). She does not like to be alone, and even if she’s happily playing by herself, if anyone leaves the room, she cries. She likes babies and kids, especially grabbing their faces or smacking the tops of their heads. Her motives are good, but she’s made quite a few babies cry already.

She does NOT stay still. Changing her diaper is a wrestling match that ends in crying almost every time. It is a battle five times a day. (She reminds me so much of her big brother Seth- he was just like that too!)

She is using a sippy cup all by herself now, which is awesome. One less thing for us to do! She cannot help but dance if music is on, and she now gives kisses and waves bye-bye too. She’s standing for little bursts of time, and she’s so proud of herself when she does.

She’s got three teeth now- two on the bottom and one “fang”. Her two front teeth look like they should pop through any minute. She’s growing up so fast, and gosh darn it she’s cute.

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