Sick and busy.

This is a busy weekend for us.

On Friday evening Neil had a work-related Christmas party. On Saturday Seth had diving at 9, Neil had a bowling thing (for work) at 11:30, and I had tickets to take the boys to How to Train Your Dragon Live at 3. Sunday is church, and then Neil’s work has their kids’ Christmas party at 11. So much going on in one weekend.

It started out well. We got all dressed and ready for the Christmas party on Friday. We looked pretty good (obviously!) and we left all four children with our very capable babysitter (they were so excited she was coming). I tried to get Seth to take a picture of Neil and I all dressed up but since we broke our point-and-shoot, he had to use the big dSLR, and that sucker’s heavy and awkward for a 6 year old. He did his best.

We did some shots on the computer’s camera, just for fun.

The party was fine and the food was delicious but Neil started getting sick not too far into it, so we didn’t stay late. By the time we were home Neil was very sick.

In the morning I started getting all the kids ready to take to Seth’s dive class. Getting 4 kids out the door by 8:15 with no help is a monumentous task. It didn’t help that Oliver was whining and whining and I eventually put him back in bed where he just laid quietly finally. At 8 I finally realized that Oliver had a fever and wouldn’t be going anywhere. I set him up on the couch, Neil moved from bed to the couch, I put on the tv, and neither of them moved from there basically all day. Neil didn’t make it to bowling, but he was feeling a little better by the afternoon so I could take the kids to How to Train Your Dragon (which was soooo fun!!).

This morning Oliver is still sick, so we haven’t gone to church. He moved from his bed to the couch, where he hasn’t done anything except drink juice and watch the Disney channel all morning. Neil and the boys shovelled the driveway; I promised the kids hot chocolate if they went outside.

Neil will take the big kids to the party this afternoon- they are really excited to go and to see Santa (and get a present, of course!).

And then the sick and busy weekend will be almost over, just like that.


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