I dropped the ball.

Ah December. The month of countless celebrations. My favorite being when my lovely littles are in the Christmas concert at church. Because there are so many children at our church, and because they bring EVERY child up onto the stage at some point, they are Christmas concerts every Sunday in December. Because we have so many kids, we usually end up having two Christmas concerts that our kids are in.

Yesterday morning Neil decided to stay home and work on framing the basement while I took the kids to church. I left Ivy with him because she would just nap the entire time anyway.

On the drive to church it occurred to me that it was the first weekend in December and that the Christmas services would be starting that day. It vaguely crossed my mind that I really needed to check when my kids’ concerts would be. We had missed a couple services in November, so I knew I had missed the handout that told me the details.

So I started dropping kids off at their respective classes. As I entered Oliver’s classroom I noticed that all of the two year olds were dressed in their Sunday best, all black and white and sparkling and fancy. Oh. Shoot. It was today. Oliver was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Oh well, he would still be cute. (And he was, of course.)

Then I realized I didn’t have my camera with me. Bah. Or my husband. Bah. Or my daughter, who would be missing her first ever Christmas concert. Fail, fail, fail.


Oh well, it’s not the end of the world, and Oliver still had a great time on the stage (where I’m sure Ivy would have looked perfect too!) and I enjoyed watching him and will hopefully remember his sweet little face in my mind, since I won’t have any photos to help me.


Next week is Seth and Ben’s Christmas concert. We will be there. Dressed appropriately. With camera in hand.


5 thoughts on “I dropped the ball.

  1. whatsnew says:

    Oh man. Maybe one of his fellow classmates parents took picks. Like I always say . . . I remember a whole lot more than I forget. You’re doing a wonderful job. P.S. I read that list of 10 you wrote. It is amazing.

  2. Deanna McCowan says:

    Sooo I got tired of never commenting and I reset my password. I’m a genius, right? Anyhoo. I love the blog. and I’m sure with 4 kids it’s ok to forget some stuff, right? No worries. You’re still awesome.

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