First pigtails.

Warning: This post contains excess cute. Do not continue reading if you don’t like cute.

So yes, Ivy was sick yesterday. She had a fever and was kind of a limp noodle all day. She basically sat/laid in my arms the entire day, sometimes even drifting off while I held her. I strapped our carrier on for part of the day just so I could get some stuff done.

But she did have a couple moments of happiness in the morning, and I took advantage of those moments to tie her few longer hairs into a couple of pigtails. Because pigtails make you feel better. And they did for a minute or two.


I die.


But then the fun times were over and she was not in the mood for playing any longer.


She’s so sweet, even when she’s crying, isn’t she?

Anyway, Ivy seems to be feeling quite a bit better today. She is still a bit warm but much perkier and much more playful than yesterday. Yay!

7 thoughts on “First pigtails.

  1. Kim says:

    Funny how pigtails on a baby girl make her look so much older. I put Elika in pigtails for the first time today too. She lasted about an hour

  2. Louise says:

    So cute! I remember when I started putting “pouffs” on the top of Teia’s head. I LOVED them! And she tolerated them until she was about 2 then that was it. Girl won’t let me touch her hair anymore. I’m lucky if I get it brushed! Enjoy!!!

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