Santa 2012.

Truth be told, I rarely venture out of the house with the kids anymore. There’s just too many of them, and someone is almost always napping between the hours of 9 and 4 every day. But sometimes outings must be had. Today was one of those days. Santa needed to be seen. Well, he has already been seen a couple of times, but there has never been a picture. Neil was working late today so it seemed like a good day to kill some time visiting Santa. The Santa picture is one of my favorite parts of Christmas.

I pulled up to the mall and got the best parking spot, right across from the mall doors. But as I was unloading my kids I realized it’s not really so great to be so close to all the cars driving by. I was trying my best to corral my children to safety beside me but there’s just so darn many of them, it was getting a little crazy. And then out of nowhere this kind of rough looking young guy came up and offered to stand by us, sort of in between us and the traffic, so no kids would accidentally get run over. Then he walked us across the street and held the door for us to get inside. He really looked like the most unlikely candidate for chivalry, but there it was, and so much appreciated. It was just so thoughtful and so helpful, and I’m so thankful for that young guy that stopped to help a frazzled mother with four small kids.

Anyway, I wish I had had the camera out to take a picture of Oliver literally run from the line-up to Santa with the biggest smile on his face. That kid loves Santa so much. It’s really awesome. And so cute.
My other baby is not the big man’s fan at all. I knew the chances of her co-operating for the photo were slim to none, but that was partly why I took her. There’s something about a baby crying in Santa pictures that just makes me smile.

I’m a terrible mother, I know.

Anyway, here’s the picture:


She’s so cute, right? I’m not sure why Ben’s posing like a squirrel? Of course seconds after this Oliver lifted his arms up in the happiest pose and everyone smiled much better, but it seemed like the photo lady and Santa were much more concerned with Ivy’s screams of horror than I was. Santa was actually one of the sweetest and most considerate I’ve met. He seemed sad that he scared Ivy. Or maybe he seemed sad that I wasn’t concerned with Ivy’s terror?

Poor Ivy, though. As funny as it was to me, she really was terrified and took awhile to get over it. Her candy cane eventually distracted her (yes, Santa even gave Ivy a candy cane and sticker book!).


I hauled all my kids to the store to buy toothpaste, toothbrushes, and shampoo for the kids in need that Seth’s school is collecting for, bought stamps to mail away our Christmas cards, and then we all went to get coffee and hot chocolates.


That picture was taken mere seconds before Oliver spilled his hot chocolate down his sweater and on his pants. And then Ben did the same. At least the hot chocolates weren’t too hot!

After we downed our drinks, we packed it up and headed home, stopping to pick up a pizza on the way.

All in all, a good evening out with four children and no husband. Those little kids of mine aren’t so bad, even if they are an awful lot of work.

9 thoughts on “Santa 2012.

  1. susan hiebert says:

    Your story had me laughing and the picture with santa is priceless. I rarely venture out with all 3 of my boys unless I really really need to, I can’t imagine I would want to with 4 kids in tow either. It looks like it was worth it though. Makes me want to go see Santa with the boys but I can just picture Jackson screaming and Emerson wailing away.

  2. Julie lux says:

    Love!!! Ivy will probably like santa more next year! Norah was the same her first yr with him….. And this year she was like oliver.. Sounds like you guys had a great time!! Your kids are all so adorable!

  3. Karalyn says:

    That used to be my part time job, the elf taking the pictures- I loved it! Loved when parents like you actually let the moment speak for itself- to me that’s the memory- not asking you to wait for their child to smile while the kid freaked out- Anyways it’s a good memory that’s for sure! She’ll like the photo when she’s older and subject her kids to it too one day

  4. MikeK says:

    Yeah…I’ve cut back on my expeditions too! I’ve never done the Santa pic…all 3 of mine would be screaming since they take their cue from AImee 🙂 Sounds like a fun evening you had!

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