The basement beginnings.

My brother Josh, who moved to Vancouver with his wife in June (*sniff sniff*) is coming home for Christmas (yay!!!).

We’re so excited to see him (and Jaclyn of course!). He’s a great brother and such a fun uncle and we miss him! Also, and more importantly, he is an experienced drywaller. Just kidding about the more importantly part. Sort of.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, he texted and asked me if we’d like him to drywall our basement for us over the Christmas holidays. Yes please! But then I realized we hadn’t done anything at all in the basement yet. And then I realized the holidays were just a couple of weeks away. Then I realized we better kick it into high gear.

So we did. Well, high gear for us, which is kind of like medium gear maybe. Neil’s dad was here last weekend, and my dad was here the last couple days, and the basement is definitely taking shape. There are now bedroom walls and bedroom closets, a hallway, a laundry room, and a bathroom. But there is still a lot to be done. Some plumbing needs to be moved around. We need some electrical work done. And Josh will be home in 6 days.



I’m beginning to think that the probability of this happening is getting smaller and smaller. But we will keep working hard (by “we” I of course mean Neil). I’m trying to do a little delegating or hiring out, but it’s short notice. We’ll do our best and Josh will at least be able to do some or most of it, anyway.

Now back to my work. Cleaning my bedroom, which has turned into the catch-all for all things miscellaneous. Also, must clean my bathroom, which I’m sure I just cleaned, but judging by it’s scary state, it must have been weeks ago. Then, onto a pile of mending (every single pair of Seth’s jeans has holes in both of the knees. Every. Single. Pair.) and then hopefully onto the pajama sewing. Also, a long list of Christmas baking.

Realistically I will get one or two of those things done. If I’m lucky, three! Now here I go…


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