29 hours without children.


This weekend was Neil’s work Christmas party. Pretty much every year, Neil’s mom (and sometimes dad) babysit for us when we go to the party. This year they took ALL of our children to their place overnight. They picked them up at 11 on Saturday morning and we picked them up around 4 on Sunday. It. Was. Glorious.

I had seriously been looking forward to this weekend for months. Not because of the party, but because I knew we would have some time alone without the kids. Ivy has been driving me crazy lately, being super needy and often very cranky. I REALLY NEEDED a break!

We had such a great time together. It’s always such a treat to spend time together in our own home without four kids running around wreaking havoc. The party was good, but we didn’t stay late. We were probably more excited about going home to an empty house than about being at a party.


On Sunday morning we slept in a little bit. Okay, we were up by 8:30. It’s just that Neil’s not any good at sleeping in anymore, and I get fomo* when the kids aren’t around. There are so many things I want to do (or not do!) when I’m home alone, I get panicked to try and fit it all in. Anyway, we had the best Sunday morning. We stayed in bed and drank coffee and watched Pitch Perfect, which was hilarious. It was so fun to stay in bed all morning! Then we got up and I worked on some Christmas presents and Neil worked on some Christmas presents, and then all of a sudden it was two o’clock and we had to go pick up the kids.

Confession: I did not miss the kids. I was not anxious to go pick them up. At all. But of course I was very happy to see their sweet little faces and kiss their chubby little cheeks and hug their squishy little bodies. I do love them and I will keep them, of course. Ivy actually cut two teeth on Friday and Saturday, and has seemed remarkably happier since I picked her up yesterday. I hope it sticks, and it’s not just that she’s relieved to be home again.

Anyway, I do love those precious childless hours when we get them. Spending time with Neil is just the best, and I think we really made the most of our 29 hours. I’m hoping the grandparents are reading this post and are planning another sleepover in the not-too-distant future. Thanks Gramma and Papa!


*fomo: fear of missing out.

ps. Do you love my dress? I need another occasion to wear it…

pps. Two posts in a row with NO pictures of the kids? This has probably never happened before.

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