11 months.

11 months is old enough:

To love playing with nail polish and hair accessories.

To always sleep with an arm across your face.


To finally sleep through the night, but wake up early in the morning.

To have five teeth.

To crawl up stairs.

To climb out of high chairs.


To love dancing and clapping and to finally master waving bye-bye.

To finally say Mama, if only a couple of times.

To inspire cards written by your biggest brother.


(No, you are not as cute as a beer, but you ARE as cute as a deer. Seth still gets his d’s and b’s mixed up sometimes!)

To be one of the only people who can pull off pink velour sweatsuits.


To fully understand the word “no!” and to burst into tears or throw a full-on back-arching tantrum at the use of it.

To never stay still, not even for a minute, unless you’re sleeping.


To be especially adorable.


Only one month till your birthday, my love! How can it be?

One thought on “11 months.

  1. deanna79 says:

    Stop. It. Now. Ivy. you are ridonkulously cute. Nik I’m soooo stoked you posted the pic of the pink velour sweatsuit. I was telling B alllll about it on our daily walk yesterday. I can’t believe she’s almost 1!!! Also the highchair pic was especially awesome.

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