Crafting for Christmas :: Necklaces for sisters.

I really wanted to get my nieces necklaces for Christmas. Big sister, middle sister, little sister ones. But I just couldn’t find what I was looking for. Well, I could if I had loads of extra cash. The stuff I could afford, though, was unfortunately very tacky or only included “big sister” and “little sister” but no “middle sister”. So what’s an Aunty to do, except make some necklaces from scratch.

I saw a glass tile pendant on Pinterest and thought it looked simple enough. I ordered my supplies (cheap!) and they came in the mail months ago. Unfortunately I then lost all inspiration and was completely lost about how to tackle this project.

When the kids were away for the weekend, I was suddenly filled with creativity and inspiration. I gathered my supplies- glass tiles, glue, paper, and stickers.


I got to work and proclaimed myself a creative genius.



And…..they turned out exactly how I wanted them to. They’re not perfect, but they’re close enough for me!


I actually ended up having a lot of fun making these; it was something completely different for me.




Let’s hope the little girlies do too!


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